Friday, 10 February 2012

Posts that I planned to post but never got round to - Part 3


My kids go through fruit phases, one week I can't buy enough apples, the next it'll be oranges, but bananas get overlooked quite often and start to look a little sad in the fruit bowl.
I know you can freeze bananas to use up later, but on a recent freezer cleaning blitz I found about 10.
 How many frozen bananas does one girl need?

So here's an alternative use.

Make a slit through the bananas skin and abou halfway into the fruit.
Place chocolate squares into the gap.


Wrap in foil and place in the oven at 180 degrees C. for 25 minutes.


Unwrap and serve with ice-cream, and scoop out the gooey chocolatey-banana-ry yumminess.



Sophie - Country girl said...

mmmm these look great. I've never frozen fruit before, but adding choccy sounds amazing...

Annika said...

I am glad you put this idea out in the open. I believe I needed it in my life!

Jessica Ann said...

That looks so great! I always make banana bread, but as you say, there is only so much that anybody can eat!